Khaberet PGA is confirmed CA and SCID Clear!

2012 US National Champion with Liz Bentley

Contact owners Nancy and Bob Risen to inquire about breeding.

2004 Bay Purebred Stallion
(Khadraj NA x RA Kela [Magnum Psyche])

2014 Stud Fee: $2500 | Scottsdale Signature Stallion

2012 US National Champion Open Western Pleasure
2012 Region 11 Champion Western Pleasure
Region 6 Unanimous Champion Western Pleasure
2011 Scottsdale 2nd place - Arabian Classic 6 & 7 year old stallions
2010 Region 8 Champion Halter Stallion
2009 U.S. National Top Ten Western Pleasure Jr. Horse
2009 Canadian National Reserve Champion Hunter Pleasure Jr. Horse
2009 Region 1 Champion Western Pleasure Jr. Horse
2009 Region 2 Top Five Hunter Pleasure Jr. Horse
2005 Region 11 Champion Arabian Yearling Colt
2005 U.S. National Top Ten Yearling Colt


With Keith Krichke, Scottsdale 2011 showing to 2nd place in
Arabian Classic 6 & 7 year old stallions.

*Osteen Photo

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we saw Khaberet PGA as a yearling being shown at Westworld.   He had just come back from Keith Krichke’s and stood up with a neck that appeared not to end.   I snapped a photo of him in that class and looked at it often.   Many months later, we got a call that Khaberet PGA was available and would we like to buy him. We did, and Khaberet PGA came home to grow up with us in the Temecula Valley for the following year. He was a beautiful colt and never went through an ugly duckling stage.  As he began to grow taller he seemed to always shoot up in perfect proportions, always looking like a mature horse as he grew during the coming years.   He was such a kind colt, our little Miniature Pinscher and our Chihuahua, would go into the stall with him, he would drop his head to look at them as they stood in amazement.  Khaberet PGA was always careful not to step on our tiny dogs, he loved them. While the Miniature Pinscher would bark non stop at Khaberet, she would occasionally sit with pride on his back and he loved it.

Khaberet PGA is known as Archie here at the farm.  Given that nickname by my husband Bob, who thought it fitting because of Khaberet's long, graceful neck, and it stuck.

In his three-year-old year, Archie was sent out to be started.  He was doing very well when he sustained a fracture to his front leg.  The veterinarians had a difficult time finding this fracture even though multiple ultrasounds and x-rays were taken.  The fracture was up high at the rear of the leg, just below the back of the knee.    I spoke with the veterinarian about doing a full body scan in order to pinpoint the location.  It took the scan to isolate the true location.   Once the diagnosis was made, we wanted to bring Archie home from Arizona to mend at home, but the veterinarian cautioned against that long of a trailer ride in this condition cautioning that the leg could snap all the way through.  So the difficult decision was made to leave Archie in Arizona for an additional ten weeks in order for the bone to mend.  Archie stayed in Arizona and had minimal hand walking for the next couple of months as the leg fracture healed.   At the end of two months, the vet x-rayed his leg again, and also ultrasounded, finding that the bone had healed.  Khaberet was very lucky, but now needed to come back very, very slowly with continued stall rest and more hand walking.    Bob and I continued to walk Archie in the morning and in the evening for the next four months.   Our two retired geldings would stay in the adjoining stalls to keep Archie company.    All the while, Archie was a trooper throughout his rehab, maintaining his sweet, gentle demeanor and the time was well spent.

We think Khaberet PGA is a lovely representation of what an Arabian stallion should be, but it is not only his correct build which allows him to complete his performance career easily, but his great mind that brings it all together.  His kindness does not go unnoticed.  He’s everyone’s friend.

While Archie was with Keith Krichke at the Scottsdale Arabian Show in February, 2011, after his class, I went into his stall and put my arms around his neck as he was looking out the rear window.  Khaberet wrapped his neck and head around my back as he typically would do. The presentation had just concluded and many of the people attending Krichke’s afternoon presentation saw me in the stall with Khaberet.   They walked into his stall and began touching him, petting him, standing in the stall, and just watching him. My immediate thought was that Keith would be worried with the all the commotion.   He later told me he walked by several times and the stall was continually packed with people, and at that moment he thought that it was good for people to see Khaberet that way.  Truly enjoying the company of others and proving his gentle and accommodating nature.  Khaberet is a joy to be around and so kind.  Keith and Maureen were amazing with Khaberet PGA and we will be forever indebted to them for the wonderful job they did training and promoting him.  So many people who saw Khaberet PGA at Scottsdale have, through word of mouth, spread the news about his temperament, beauty and athletic build. Several new breedings have come as a result of the experiences of others and we are thrilled with the response and honored to have met those who appreciate and admire Khaberet as much as we do!

Khaberet PGA is now in the capable hands of Dave and Liz Bentley which has already proven to be an unstoppable team with their 2012 historic National Championship. On to a star studded 2013!

                        Nancy and Bob Risen

A tender moment with Liz Bentley after being announced National Champions!


Khaberet PGA with Keith Krichke at Region 12 as a yearling.


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